401k Benefits

401K benefits are offered through Paychex Retirement Services. This benefit is offered to employees who have worked full time for 6 months and have worked over 1000 hours with no breaks in between. The Company Matches 25% up to $1500, at the end of the year. For more information or to check eligibility, please do not hesitate to call Norma Todd at (858) 530-1690 ext. 163

You Can Enroll Today...Here's How

Step 1
Visit https://benefits.paychex.com to complete your enrollment. 

Step 2
Select Register for a new account under the New User heading. Once registration is complete, click Retirement Services located on the left menu. Click Enroll Now when prompted. You can also enroll by calling the automated Paychex Employee Services phone line at 877-244-1771, Retirement Services option. Please have your social security number handy.

Step 3
Determine the amount of gross pay you want to contribute to your plan.

Select your investment in 1% increments making sure they total 100% Fund information is included on the website. Paychex is not licensed to provide fund advice.